Posey Hand Stamped Jewelry Personalized Jewelry Sterling Silver Ring

Personalized Custom Sterling Silver Ring 

I love wearing my personalized ring, so much I wear one on each hand.
It is so nice to remember those important to you or even a date, or special phrase.

You will receive a personalized ring in your size requested. I make each ring so any size from 4-11 and half sizes are welcomed. Rings are 4 mm wide and 1mm thick.

Please include with your order:
1) ring size
2) font-last photo
3) personalization- see below for character counts
***If you are under the character count below and there is room I am able to add a date to the inside.***

Symbols I have to fit are: solid heart, moon/star, ampersand, plus sign, dash, longitude and latitude.

Size will determine the amount of lettering that will fit.
***ALSO text can be inside instead but please note that with your order otherwise it will be on the outside.

Please include spaces as a character and hearts should be counted as 2 characters.
Example I love you is 10 characters.
Size 4-4.5:
Lowercase fancy : 21 characters
Calligraphy: 17 characters
All capital: 19 characters
Size 5-5.5: 
Lowercase fancy : 22 characters
Calligraphy: 18 characters 
All capital: 20 characters
Size 6-6.5: 
Lowercase fancy : 23 characters
Calligraphy: 19 characters
All capital: 21 characters
Size 7-7.5:
Lowercase fancy : 23 characters
Calligraphy: 20 characters
All capital: 22 characters
Size 8-8.5:
Lowercase fancy : 26 characters
Calligraphy: 21 characters
All capital: 23 characters
Size 9-9.5:
Lowercase fancy : 28 characters
Calligraphy: 22 characters
All capital: 24 characters
Size 10-10.5:
Lowercase fancy : 30 characters
Calligraphy: 23 characters
All capital: 25 characters

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